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Listen: "This team has won more games on the road, than any other team in NBA history"

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Lisa Blumenfeld
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Were asking you as our show Paul tonight which of The Warriors accomplishment is most impressive and even displayed the seventy two wins with the Chandra seventy-three about is one of the options I understand why you would say that but there are some other pretty impressive history that has been accomplished by Golden State and so I just want to make sure you know about those two no back-to-back losses this entire season and they never had a losing streak they never lost two games in a row we're a lot well I can do my voice really well while I'm laughing at three impressive me thank you Isaac so they in net no back-to-back losses they share they are of course dropped two of their last three or call but there was a game in between there this is my my achievement that is most mind-blowing this team has one more games on the road it than any other team in NBA history thirty-four roadway enough think about the grind and the schedule makers and what they put somebody for Team Store every team has to go on the extended road trip at least once during the year Wright they may have to be in six cities in ten days and there are just feeling the grinded February eighth Marge you're not quite close enough to the playoffs mentally and physically are worn down you got injuries of course you we've seen some of the other great teams in the NBA like the Cavaliers like the San Antonio Spurs have major gaffes on the road and more than one and yes The Warriors have lost away from home they share said and then there law says have come away from home but they've had more road wins this season than any other team and that to me is most impressive now one more than apply specifically to San Antonio DR Golden State is been shut out and did not made it in fit into audio going back to the David David Robinson they had not won in San Antonio since nineteen ninety fended with you to make I'm not getting pretty impressive Of course he remember that because you're there thirty three straight win first Antonio against Golden State in their own house through serious I am theory if you know I'm Serious Gregg Popovich because you witnessed all of them because you are dinosaur an amazing dinosaur but Adonis are nonetheless so where do you want the most incredible thing that the worrisome accomplished this year it was a game which you can see the potential for Golden State the middling Tired To made all it was an impressive game for staff at thirty-seven point to really taking over in the third quarter It was an impressive performance overall by The Warriors the commitment to defend I can not wait for Wednesday night haren is listening in San Antonio and welcome after our CBS Sports Radio.