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Listen: "The Panthers hometown of Charlotte comes out ahead in the match-up with Denver of two cities"

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Ethan Miller
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Welcome back to this morning America's first news unless you're living under wrong you know that the Denver Broncos you're taking on the Carolina Panthers this Sunday in Super Bowl fifty in Katy held Morgan Watch says the Panthers hometown the Charlotte comes out ahead in The matchup with Denver into cities Katie what lead you to the Scott a comparison being so we are getting on a common seen a city pride like not just you know not just the football team in the likeI Charlotte on some in Denver and often we thought okay let's compare Adidas places the lead which by the way it easier to among the two of the best place is to let it emeritus I will go go ahead and say that I thought Megan Fred there and see you know which should which really shakes out and be best of the two places the women America so that happens all started and they do have a lot in common Charlotte in Denver uhm haveI vibrant sports community restaurant and entertainment seen robust job market so they both have a lot going on a lot going on plants about in and that great whether you know again very quite funny all the time Charlotte had the really Mount climb and so I think the mean about replaces the led by I'm gonna tell you right now one one out only so many other when I went in a budget mother criteria.