Listen: "Got them all the way to the SuperBowl, had a tremendous season"

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Kevin C. Cox
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Is the way that Payton anyone out without a champion and when his terms you know you have the serious injury career threatening injury a few years with a back thought to get another goal playing with Denver yeah football with a SuperBowl had a tremendous season getting into disability his best season ever as a pro and fell well short because Seattle's defense was just comedy of that in the Super Bowl a couple years later finds itself right back in the same spot and win it so the potential positive is that el may not be done maybe he sees that is is you know what I don't want to go out because I was hurt because I was injured when I know I have more to give and a lot of what more I want to have a chance to to catch the pass in that in a playoff game the puts us on top and get to the next round or even even further that's the biggest a potential positive effect out of it but I can't imagine that anything is really give.