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Listen: "I think Brad Underwood is one of the bright, new coaching minds"

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Jeff Gross
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Here I was order owner took a two one NCAA tournament you know yet again are really nasty contract and so I would I would suggest job that they were probably already looking for replacements for Travis forty even before they fired him or let him go Bob probably try to work out the different buyout and the financial aspect of it thank you so much for your call I think Brad Underwood is one of the bright coaching and the bright new coaching minds and against even have often has a track record maybe the tournaments but they've won tournaments Games and thank you for the correction Tom eighty-nine and and fourteen well if he would have often and only lost one game in conference the entire time and so you can do any better than that he clearly is ready for the next step coaching is coaching I don't think small school I think if much difficult more difficult to translate from college basketball to be NBA fit is to go from small conference or mid major converts to Bigger conference a lot of times what you news a fresh new vision fresh new life and in the smaller schools smaller Conference's they have to hustle I'd to put together a scheduled to try to recruit guys so I'm I'm excited I know my friends that are Oklahoma State grad because I spent four years living and working in Oklahoma but the presence of mind to poke a bear thrilled with the Travis sport is not there anymore they were really upset about the contract and he was given an they believe that my colder has the athletic director is hit gonna home run here with Braun underwent dove corps there remains to be seen I think he'll do well at eight all radio to funny on Twitter most looking forward to when it comes to the Sweet Sixteen I'm still trying to figure out who really Guice is I don't know if that's going to Don on me any points but what we've got.