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Here's How To Clean Your Pet's Eyes

'The Dog Father talks about how to properly take care of your pet's eyes.

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"What the groomers do is ... wet the area and we'll use eye drops and saline solution."

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Everyone forgets about the eyes, and you know what? The eyes are so important. I had a call from a customer just to tell me that her dog's eye has to be removed, and the main reason why, it's from an infection. The infection was caused by not paying attention and daily care. Now, some dogs just secrete a lot more liquid which builds what we call eye boogers. - Eye boogers? - You gotta get them outta there. I mean it's really, really important. And if it's crusted on, just get a damp cloth. A warm cloth and lay it over the pet's eye, okay? So it softens up, because what happens is it's caught on to the skin? And it's like pulling a scab off at times, you know when your mother used to rip those band aids off you before it was healed? What it felt like? Well think, imagine that on the corner of your eye or actually going over your eye itself, and then what we do, what the groomers do, is we'll wet the area and we'll use eye drops and saline solution, and saline solution is basically salt water that people clean their contact lenses with and it's very gentle, and what you could do, is you could moisten the area, just spray it on and once it softens up, you have to take a paper towel and run it across the corner of the eye and it'll come right off on the paper towel. My dogs, I check their eyes every, single, day.