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Listen: "Northern Iowa won its first game on a half court Buzzer beater"

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Streeter Lecka
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He was gone singularly was just getting started really Reynolds offense for Xavier have looking on the inbounds get that the native Whiteside life yeah when they're very odds are good friends Jacob improves needing him on the was would one and see Double a twenty minute radio network to threes in the final twelve seconds for a sixty-six sixteen threes a view when it savior loss in ease region in the sale now is but does another outright nothing crazy is finish of the night Sexes and M raising a twelve point hole with forty-four seconds left beating nor than i when ninety-two eighty-eight in double load CF the largest last minute lead lost in NC Devan late twenty many future in all after Northern Iowa won its first game on a half court Buzzer Beater the difference film you think when Bosh been Saint Joseph could not hold onto a late lead without was a question I was talking about for what was it like to win in dramatic fashion then losing to him for his shift thing Joe's was upset with more times on us he got Posey in the win five and have degree you know ends up subsidy Oregon they lose sixty-nine sixty-four the Ducks onto a Thursday date with Duke earlier the rest bracket Oklahoma got five DCU eighty-five eighty wanted in a Southam Maryland handled Hawaii seventy-three sixty until an old eighty seventy sixty-eight in from the Midwest Syracuse seventy-five Middle Tennessee fifty the orange the sixth ACC.