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College Basketball

Listen: "We already did the East region earlier"

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Andy Lyons
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It is seven thirty-eight yard Tuesday morning Adam Jones reached he gained four Toucher and Rich we're here until the clock we got phone calls six one seven seven seven nine zero ninety-eight five just did mostly NFL start the our we did makes it a little of flukes last McLaren at talk there yup along with Christina Ricci my glove guys you know the team announced the Boucher me I said that the clear now player was low man on the totem pole sub when the tax line was nice to point out that the update guy in the night shelf is actually momentum totem pole big somewhat to be made I'm not going to bring that out on not like you I wouldn't guy would go after then lineup is like to get the gutter I mean going after you walk out is going after the clear that I did you happen to put on a learning one of his you attack all of us I think is the lesson to be learned a lot or move clear winner when we here well the swore Mcdavid call the pride line has been one of the text messages six nine ninety angry cleric yeah I sing the program we're not really agree you are angry and our parents are forcing is the play I think that is deep-rooted so now I think that's more along the lines with the therapy came in I was talking about her with itself clothing out there with all the declared a player's ran a win or you you're the music there given the sorry Boston another for whatever reason college oops doesn't done doesn't quite resonate here but filling out a bracket does it does I know it because everybody does that everybody will talk your off about filling out there bracket we already did the East reason earlier both self you'll Kentucky's the best team in the East he happens to light job right like Jamal Murray is the best player in that region he likes Provinces Chris done and on top of that we got Chattanooga is an upset special in the East Wisconsin if you're looking for a team that to make a run to the Sweet Sixteen again in that region through the Midwest right now TV same same questions for your was the best team I think the best team in this region is Michigan State you know I think that they he's a could've been a one seed Virginia all season-long would like they're probably anyone's it out both teams they're not the most fun to watch specially Virginia but there really in a slow it down yeah they're not like so they don't know one NBA prospect paint three Genie does not make the elite eight or Final Four right now I don't wanna are the worst college basketball team so locked in the country I don't happen the disagree with that bye I'm gonna talk some Virginia to get on the ice Tuesday night.