Listen: "You cannot smoke at all and play in the NFL"

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Mitchell Layton
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Yeah you're still busted year that years still according to Adam bow rules you're still busted you can not smoke at all and play in the NFL it's absolutely forbidden so and I know do you can even aware yeah I mean if you if you're uniform isn't perfect you get signed I mean there these guys are walking finds I mean they can do anything anyway I'm surprised or even a lot of play football they still I have not defined what it catches in the NFL either and the referees are bigger celebrities and the players now because that we spend all game watching the referees making bad calls even with cameras at every single position on the field and cameras hanging over the field like cover craft so it is what it is he well under control the rugged mortgage require me to fill out of budget paperwork bad negative control Brock of mortgage by Quicken Loans first On Demand mortgage Mission Bay quickly and seamlessly important your financial data you can Goodyear the entire Morgan a process on your out of a completely online at Dhabi that que el wondered if I wanted to be do you think they're out there they're out there alright I bet contact but for a sack according to Jay to our they provided award-winning by observed for years in a row Roger that you well on a night below their out there wherever they are detroit control they're in Detroit over.