Should Assault Weapons Be Banned? Rep. Mark Pocan On The Conversation 'A Lot Of Us Would Like To Have'

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we still on social media getting unbelievably high traffic and what happen Orlando. And you know part of its they hate crime aspect of it but a big part of it, and I don't think you're seeing enough people on cars talking but is that the assault weapon, conversation Yeah I think, it's very valid that no fly no bye if they want talk but terrorism then let's talk about terrorism let's take them at their word but to win where I think now responding to what we're hearing from constituents in this isn't me I've talking a members on the floor I had a member say I'm never ticket position on this issue now until This Week and now I think we should have the Nole Terry, style assault weapon man, you know that is really I think what a lot of us are hearing in our offices in the progress of caucus we're trying for how to raise the profile of that issue, do you think that yesterday's, filibuster the fourteen our practice and then and it's morning into thirty, I'm even a couple Republican The spoke out then said least with seven debate let's have a vote, we're going to see an eight, action, after Orlando like we did not see after, the there are Sandy Hook or are a Colorado, San Bernardino, I have unfortunately serving in Congress limit the tested mystic you know I mean I knew going in the toughest thing coming back here This Week was knowing that likely nothing, what happens you know we have another moment of silence inside of a moment of action. And at some point you know rightfully so we have blood on our hands, by not acting Indy I thought it was incredibly disrespectful the first met when a quick moment of silence that even allowed the members from their Orlando area to let people out every other, whether via, whether disaster or are shooting to common talk on behalf of their constituents, people is he's seen me so freighter the N.R.A. in that it kind manufactures they don't talk about this and I think we're to signal wearing were the American people that I mean I think you know Wisconsin huge running tradition, so it's a family tradition owns a takeaway your rifle to go gear hunting, no it's good to play your hand gun for personal protection but you're not using a semi automatic military style weapon, for any of those things and I think that's the conversation that a lot of us would like to have