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Director Rob Lieberman On The New Sci-Fi Series 'The Expanse'

Robert Lieberman, directer of 'The Mighty Ducks' along with a host of other hits movies, and TV series talks about his latest work 'The Expanse' and the incredible investment made by the production company Alcon Television.

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"The show is just so laden with production value, so amazing and the writing it's based on a series of best selling novels"

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Let's talk about The Expanse because I know The Expanse is this unbelievable series that you did, you did two episodes of this series that's going to be video on demand on November 23rd and then they're going to show December 14th and 15th on television it starts. - Right it's on SciFi it'll premiere in two succeeding nights on December 15th, 14th and 15th. - Right. - At 10PM. It takes place in 300 years from now, it starts Thomas Jane who is off the chart brilliant. The company that made the show is a company called Alcon, they're primarily a feature film company, they're in the process of doing the remake, the reboot of Blade Runner right now. - Right, right. - So they're a big feature company and they never knew that they weren't supposed to spend all this money on television. - Well nobody told them, why you were working for them. - Because the show is just so laden with production value, so amazing. And the writing it's based on a series of best selling novels, seven best selling novels called The Expanse and each one has a subtitle. The two guys who wrote the screenplay, the teleplay for the pilot and were the head writers are the two guys that wrote the original draft of Children of Men and Iron Man. - Wow and now they're in television which is really great and it's like you know, and you said they had incredible presence Comic Con so you know that anybody who's going to really spend that kind of money, get that kind of you know machine behind them, they have big high hopes for the show. - Oh it's I think, I think it's the most remarkable piece of television I've ever been involved in. - Wow that's really saying something. - I've been doing ti for a few years, it's just, I mean most TV shows they budget it out so that when you build the set, like for ER originally, they built that hospital and it cost the like 7-8 million dollars to build that hospital. - Yeah but they used it for a bazillion years. - 10 years. - Yeah 10 years and I was the last person to go through the emergency doors cuz I did the very last episode of ER, that's like a little trivia thing. This set was so filthy, no had really cleaned, it was not pristine it was definitely a set. I've had "boy this looks good on television but if anybody saw this the board of health would close you guys down". - Especially for a health facility. - Yeah exactly. - But the concept in television is that you amortize that cost over the 10 years. - Sure. - So you pay back the 10 million dollars that you paid for the set over hundreds and hundreds of episodes. On The Expanse they build out a really great rocket-ship, you know a great spaceship and they blow one up every episode, so there was no amortizing anything, they build it and blow it up, build it and blow it up.