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Listen: "They sign Josh Donaldson they've got some other major pieces"

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Rich Schultz
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And we're just a few weeks away from March Madness the conference tournaments in college basketball I tipping off very soon selections Sunday is just over a month away and be a hit and a gel playoffs start toward the end of April of course the Masters it didn't made April which I'm really looking forward to and you got NASCAR Daytona five hundred a couple of weeks away plus pitchers and catchers report and what we get a half now we're not going to sit down and break break down every single Spring Training game that happens intersquad never-ending outs but there definitely is a lot of excitement around some of the franchise's in Major League Baseball to see what they can do after last year's playoffs the last year's Baseball playoffs worse phenomenal the fresh blood is going to be excitement the history that we saw on of course the Kansas City Royals ending up with that World Series trophy over the Mets it was quite a run think about the Chicago Cubs in all the promise of they have going into two thousand sixteen the Mets to but to be sure and in the Nationals who got unfinished business you've got the Rangers to the Astros that were on the cusp the Blue Jays were so close they no longer have David Price but they sign Josh Donaldson they've got some other major pieces we'll see what the Royals can do you as a un core in and a bit in the conversation full seasons can the Tigers a rebound the Giants to mean if another year in which he would expect them to come back right there very rarely out of the conversation back-to-back years so we'll see if they can get back into it the Dodgers have done close but still not able to get over that hump was a lot of fun looking forward when the Padres made some moves the Diamondbacks in this offseason What do you most looking forward to in these months ahead of us word there won't be any football games at able radio defy me on Twitter eight five five two one two four two two seven and in our Facebook page as well plus we've got video on Facebook in our show Twitter we told you that we would dive into the area of Twitter video he would try things two things during the week fans were back from San Francisco radio wrote it was so successful while we were on the road so after our CBS for our first Twitter video it's goofy I'm going pretty well no point was to show off the new CBS Sports Radio.