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Christian Slater Says He Would Love To Get A Regular Spot On "Live! With Kelly"

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Laura Cavanaugh
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With kelly and whoever just live or whatever they decide canada to call the show yesterday on ellen christian slater who now is on the show i robot with the mess around mr about i robot is a delightful movie with will smith that's love that money amid he said that he would like to throw his hat nearing i saw you co host with kelly rafa and yeah would you like to take that moodie million and i'm it's it's the great i live about six blocks away from than yes won the greatest jobs ever i i i love her she's amazing show i'm such a fan his love that i love the pieces and i wanna henry not with yeah i just wanna hang out with him in the might have a bureaus great i just it really would never be one bear i i don't everyone over alive is going that's adorable next you know the key you know this that would be many answer like you know i literally are both we little they're both sweep eli hurt are rumored because his slater went to my rival high school and my keys to hang our weise to serve and i just always like dreamed of the day that i could me given asked where were you will answer or whatever there has it was look on the wicket pdf i'm sure it's right the thing that that he's playing along con game i want wait asking him as well i don't have any new update on the bread an angelino divorce i do have a story on who is doing the manning right manny but you know manny oh wait parts of doing the maybe i thought you in the manning okay not doing the manny so that would be angelino during their okay so there is somebody that is a manny so anyway she's read shots were her family james haven the guy that she made out with when she won her oscar over brother so i love of my brother right now.