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Listen: "House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's willing to step aside as chairman of the Republican Convention, saying it's Donald Trump's show"

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John Sommers II
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Today is a primary day to be exact the Nebraska Republican primary and West Virginia today although a lot of the whom is out of the race's there because well because of what happened last week that Bernie Sanders still pressing on and there are plenty of storylines involving Donald Trump and Paul Ryan more now from ABC's Tommy on this House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's willing to step aside as chairman of the Republican convention running save Donald Trump shoe Donald Trump's rules for these anomalies how the rarity ones com with it with respect to the bench Raleigh and now also seeming to soften is tone after declaring he wasn't ready to endorse strong in his Stead is going I wish I had more time and get in only four mishap the used in crawl no further along the republican leaders with what sounds like a flip-flopped on taxes after promise he no longer taxes on everyone including the Ridge Trump now telling George this bottom line he won Texas in on the wealthy to go up today they will go up a little bit and it may go up you know what you're going down to plain and on my plan going gamble by the time it's negotiated go up strong trying to clarify Fayne wealthy Americans will get a tax cut but just how much is open to negotiate a shin there's something to be very less of may be now I'm not talking about increasing point I'm talking about information from my catching proposals Clinton out trying to build a solid lead among those key swing voters he would suburban Monday Virginia.