Listen: "NBA Thunder pulled away from the Spurs won eleven ninety-two Kevin Durant thirty-one"

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Ronald Martinez
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From the other night as coach Jason apology for making comments Oregon forward Dylan Brooks following the Ducks win over the former Duke and Sweet sixteen coach Cade modest brought for what he fell with excessive celebration after a late three NBA Thunder pulled away from the Spurs won eleven ninety-two Kevin Durant thirty-one Russell Westbrook twenty-nine OKC took full advantage of San Antonio's city most of the players why littered with a second straight game with a bruised quad of Tim Duncan LaMarcus Aldridge Tony Parker Manu Ginobili I got the night off as for the cans to get some frustration on the next along with a the former Cavalier is checked injuries first action looks to guard Le Brun forget it run live hold down LeBron James is triple doble as they were in the finish off the Knicks easily won seven ninety-three john Michael with the call on the Cavs radio network vs scored for the Jazz took that he was ninety-three eighty-four Hawks about the Pistons won twelve ninety-five Atlanta's won eleven of thirteen Raptors rolled the Pelicans one fifteen ninety-one Magic drop the Bulls won eleven.