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Listen: "Are possibly the least talented NFL team ever"

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Jamie Mullen
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Up but about a man on Mars Damon has been their thirty happen amid an odd Murrays nine that might that may deal always offers all takes you a while to get there how long would it's a QB at the Mars I've heard varying things I win the movie that was what couple years I don't member calling it certainly get their remember either was a nine not forget how long I don't know earlier but I don't remember the a lot of people doing the Ninja one trouble make America great again before the Lions win a Super Bowl Chen fan I'll get late before the Lions win a Super Bowl sorry sir to hear that Tony made by lunch one day then again maybe not as for about a run in on Clements zombie apocalypse we land on Mars couple for Mars the deeper plenty of sixteen is over ones I Georgetown beat Princeton fifty-nine fifty-eight eight in eighty nine knows the closest sixteen over a one out for our sixteen versus a one around the better of rather that Stafford will retire before the Lions makes a Super Bowl luck could be I could definitely being there was a report that said The Cleveland Browns by the way our possibly the least talented NFL team ever this past season the least talented NFL team ever of course around here we have a different opinion here's how many games a Cleveland When this year the four somewhat that yeah we haven't always sixteen team will then a pretty good defensive shooter but The Browns the two thousand fifteen Browns are pa so bleed the least talented NFL team tougher two four eight five three nine ninety-seven ninety-seven who is possibly be least talented Detroit team ever so what year what Year what team is possibly the least talented team however in the city of Detroit a full you wanna go back from just go far back and he doesn't of singing of college too but even he can include college I just the pro team I think it's a two thousand three Tight that's that was way out one nineteen forty-three yeah call one that I mean that team was Weaver was still on the then was me or not he was hitting gotten stronger is gone by I LL I have it up here I was ready for this and here's here's your space and you're starting lineup ticket.