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Listen: "Donald Trump, the fact that's he's willing to go after the Clintons and Hillary, I think there might be a method to the madness"

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Darren McCollester
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Rather unique theory is that it's not just that that Republicans want somebody to fight back I think that's part of it right you know middle Romney you know probably a great guy let's be honest mid year but when he was here he was youth attack for this war on women completely bogus remember with it was amid the banner something he was talking about how to get these buying curse full of men he was going to interview women for an important job and he says by dirt full of women and somehow that makes him a massage and he's attack with this with one women thing and I think maybe Republicans I can tell you personally and there isn't something nice about a guy who was willing to say no to go on the offensive and I think that Donald Trump you know say what you will about and I had a lot of problems with Donald Trump but the fact that he's willing to go after the Clinton and Hillary I think there might be a Methot than the madness Phenomena my theory on that and again it's not just the the fact that it's but you know it the critical for Hillary Clinton to look to attack Donald Trump for you know per for being a full Lander are over up nosedived in this for whatever because he may have been involved in that made them complicit in trying to discredit women there were warning about her husband but I wanna get to that a second let's play another clip the wind was plate number eight P what they're doing is not in the million dollars of adds or Donald Trump and it has to do a lot with the women's issue I don't think of myself but you know in this country and maybe in the history of the country politically was worse then build clip with Whitman he was it he was a disaster I mean there's never been anybody like this and she was did total in a polar she was the last of these women of destroyed their lives I mean if you have a red white Hillary Clinton did to the women that Bill Clinton had affairs I bet going after me with women.