Listen: "Dallas Cowboys, I'm concerned Jerry's not picking a quarterback"

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Christian Petersen
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I knew I had no yeah what's up two things here but that out or to just earned it Jerry not good enough or to panic he thought it if a report that Colt McCoy cutback got I'm not with it but I'm but these are you Romo a number two I can understand what people are supporting to giant no ego Matt you know he wrote Matt media the app so with the teenager move I'm sure you work nor effective were Yeah I am yeah that's where you were Matt we off yeah I thought he did you say that will funny plenty throng word it's interesting that you say that because I actually use that analogy not that long ago that I have I thought that maybe he would try to defend himself by claiming affluenza it in for people who don't know that was the defensive a teenager who was accused of what running into occurred killing people abierto manslaughter is that what it was yeah you and they and and the fact how is it that you were aware because he was two Richter and walked on this day right around if you have grip paire ragged did you know it can ability he had all the money in the world his parents enraged him to know the difference between right wrong until he had no idea I mean it's just that's crazy to even think about I have no caught you know no kind of cognizant of that kind of money or or lack of responsibility I do think that he's he's been enable his entire life to pretty much do whatever he wanted not only with his family but also Texas they now and we've heard other quarterbacks now talk about the culture they're they're really allowed me unveiled to get away with anything that he wanted to do you unfortunately the NFL is not like actually fortunately the NFL's not like that Phillies finally having too I take responsibility for his actions and potentially could be facing charges here so you know I don't understand why does David there are a lot of people who still call him a kid he just having fallen I guess he hitting a woman so hard that he loses hearing and one ear somehow that that's going by the wayside maybe for people who defended Greg Hardy I'm not sure yeah I think in a gray hot I'm glad and not an impact now so what each night what I think about Greg Hardy what the Cowboys should still won in that draft because they need every yeah I think best available for the Cowboys I think Best Available and I know that a lot of people are anxious about the quarterback position David thanks for the call.