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Masked agitator set an otherwise peaceful protest BERKELEY PROTESTS

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Taylor Weidman
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After the our smoke bombs broken windows that a massive bonfire as fifteen hundred people gathered at the university of california berkeley last night at less police six people were injured three bennie and reports the school blamed the violence on masked agitator set an otherwise peaceful protest sounds of kate has it going across the camp is that you see berkeley is protests arrived in the violence wednesday night protesters voicing opposition to a speed scheduled for wednesday by bright part editor my low yet apple is the protests forced the events cancellation many students seems supportive of those peacefully protesting but others rest concern about the violence it's time to hear that tonight so let's be speeds so down the university blame the most of the violence not on students but on a small group of well known and artists known as the black block and read been it it's twelve after the our up next closing shop to protest the immigrant to band when america and the morning returns.