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Vet Gets Emotional Recalling The Horrors Of The Battle Of The Bulge: 'It Never Leaves You'

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back and to see the somebody had radio and they were the Bing Crosby was singing White Christmas in that whole raced got to me you know that yeah, plenty of something so the made yeah that's not the kind of like Christmas you had mind you're out there in the snow in the oldest went to Europe it ever same but he says I'm dreaming of a White Christmas you're probably didn't come back home when I was dreaming of West Christmas that is your and a new ways, i wish I was we should not was home yes every year I'm sure you hear that song once or twice during the holiday season what comes to mind for you when you hear that come on the radio where I walk away and just to painful for you to remember what you saw with things back a lot to memories in ten times and you know it something role is to say when I went by the Vietnam was stunner like it does something do you because the things when you see a lot of good people, the picture him in your mind you know you see them and and you know there is four hundred thousand guys I didn't see that many but I can see I can see people in all of that snow in my dad I I see them get loaded up an inch upset it's all over with he and they just record with determine the back in the trucks and frozen bodies so i believe you you you think thank you you something can make your of it was the show that I'm thinking of what since cried at the national world war two memorial where all those gold stars are representing four hundred six thousand Americans who died world war two it says here we marked the price of freedom and when you think the price of freedom you think a what you saw the Battle of the bulge yes I'm spend much I'm thinking about it or anything like that you know you start, the thinking about the new Star dreaming about and it gets to you've