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Listen: "You will never last in the NFL with that attitude, okay, the world doesn't revolve around you"

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Ezra Shaw
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I mean historically Bill Roman hockey is had fit of Roy can reach right now would call it all more to one occasion he says I'm OK last night you let it all hang out after the pitiful losses who was fifty two to run golden Cam Newton had a very bad showing in his postgame conference where he gave shorthand requested and and you've got up and walked away from reported that the couple minutes on Bill Romo not he tweeted out you will never Blackmon and of what that added two OK to world that a revolve around you all a pass to Cam Newton now with Cam acting image join the press conference yes video been more gracious in defeat after movie studio would've been show more clavicle you know that the media would crucify impacting any of the way but.