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Listen: "South Dakota lawmakers are working on a bill to force welfare recipients to take a drug test before they can receive benefits"

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Andrew Burton
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I know State wants to be even eyes people were needing a little financial hell the thing progress on just because a lot makers they're working out builder for as well if the ticket drug test before they can receive benefits Halladay they all missed the news of policies of failed in every single day water that can try word Of Missouri Oklahoma Utah Kansas Mississippi Tennessee and Arizona of all the boatloads of taxpayer money to figure out that people on Welker can afford to spend money on drives copy go to wants to get around those cost by forcing welfare recipients to pay for their own drug test it isn't enough The Core people like criminals else on a kick money out of the pocket of those who can't even afford to pay for food hopefully the South Dakota Legislature comes senses before asking the stupid law the voters remember this despicable proposal on November and final at the start of this year fourteen stage raised their minimum wage is a were finally learning just how many people that pay increase actually helped according to the Canucks policy Institute where the or a half million people are getting a Larger paychecks as a result of those minimum wage likes those workers now have more money to spend a their local economies and local businesses will benefit his result twelve of the fourteen increases were the result of legislation are valid initiatives or voters or the representatives put working people ahead of corporate profits our nation as a long history of fighting for the middle class and if pay increases proved that when we play for workers we win let's remember that this election here I'm Tom Carpenter on the leader and economic the following programme has been previously record it.