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Katy Perry Urges Americans To Get To The Polls By Doing This 

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Jason Merritt
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Alright was due to dirty changed the locks twenty four said a cancun and you never would out management so yesterday there is a rawlings about katy perry and what he was doing something naked well he was musing about to help get people to the polls in november yesterday portions national voter registration day she started a new funny or die video for ross to vote i read because there is and i know that i had the rights of the day i think there's a line in there i don't think he ever ready come through com so you know so they could do every like just make sure you count kanye west is still sus with a seven year old taylor swift beef that he started and then he keeps perpetuating last saturday at a show a national and he performed famous not once not twice but what's up life that is right thrice thank you very much that's the one of course is the lyric that says i made that became hyped up the crowd to the points yep that they were yelling blake taylor swift playing taylor to the mets in the girls now hometown come known amid a tiff wow every week okay we get it is going to be in the valley that's to be in the valley it like it i've ever seen men's get some money and does a big papi mixes farewell tour throughout this last season every the ballpark that he goes to sort of gives them a gift or something sure ranking rallying around and it's really sweet an awesome man came right now you don't like a surfboard one plays and i can't got the broken phone from baltimore when he nashville elated said i was awesome.