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Including two bombings that killed forty four people" attack nightclub istanbul

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Taylor Weidman
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In istanbul turkey there was heightened security in the turkish city after intelligence indicated a possible isis plot but now the governor of is temple turkey says thirty five people have been killed in what he calls a terror attack at a nightclub and wentz number has not to thirty nine dead turkeys seen multiple attacks in recent weeks including two bombings that killed forty four people outside of soccer stadium on december tenth and a thirteen year old girl has been shot and killed well riding in a car and mountain vernon the gentlemen's reports samoa mckenzie was shot in the head and unintentional victim is the car she was in joe of on base third string yesterday afternoon journal reported twenty eight year old man was also shot in the arm he is expected to survive not vernon mayors assist cities heart of not just have a it's broken by this tragedy jay dose of mckenzie was an eight great student at the kate graham school the rising star the school's basketball team also excelled academically wins this time one oh seven coming up and family even though wound life once to come to new york for the new year had there's an emergency it's a new here in the new me really need some new workout close then new year's to disgruntled maybe maybe yeah starting tomorrow all maybe act and for the family is on sale up to fifty percent of did you see up to pp percent all i did all of maybe active has tons of news time help you work out style this new era starting into seven.