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Jimmy Butler On Who He Thinks Will Be The Next Big Names In Basketball

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who's the next j crowder slash butler slash whizzing matthies slash whoever i t one player to light ochre and devin booker like the kid he's young he can really shoot he could get around and he's like eighteen year whose eighteen last year he put iowa yet he went three spotted the celtics loomis like all those justice wins of master of the skies and bucket in play in that all sinister plans like wow this guy's offensively i'm fit cast actor he can he get really go anybody in the dried ewart college are now no i like jim brough identical i mean he's he's tough like he's strong home page he played against them but he is a one one over the summer yet the allies eventually in genes yet exactly their teacher he literally he really does remind me of myself by justices craze when i was going up against whom alice lived at desk razor he couldn't move his few as athletic all he he can play nine italian won again finishing their ass nigga don't even ask he um