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Mike Gallagher On Being Pro-Life

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Unclear if the two cases are related now, the Czech on the road in or lived the ballot between the spurred Pike one twenty-three action and activity is off to the right shoulder and part of the right wing blockers love to Tysons Corner Swatch for delays jammed up on the inner look without way from the river turnpike to Gallo's road River road inbound between the porn Avenue Western Avenue watch for for car accident there and if as the, jammed up on two ninety five on northbound from Pennsylvania avid Benning road they're still a southbound two from Eastern Avenue to just past least capital St. to seventy southbound away from one twenty-one Clark's works the running slow often on headed down toward the Dow way lane to my George Washington part by sound friends heavy from one twenty-three to the key bridge local news every thirty meant, it's all day long I'm Scott Brady on A.M. twelve sixty the answer, now you're exclusive, given the forecast an A.M. twelve sixteen, answer this afternoon sunny skies highs sixty one clear tonight low forty three mostly sunny hand nice for Tuesday high sixty eight tomorrow night low fifty one, cloudy skies with brief showers caller for Wednesday high sixty one and on Thursday Sonny in breezy, hi sixty two, with the Accu Weather forecast, I need to Rob, demonstrate police the email scandal could finally buried Hillary it is clear are, to any, think that James Cooley has found. Emails, choking guns, recent just, I don't believe the Democrats being happen play, about that, it could in fact the tip the balance and have for Donald Trump like the demonstrators show weekdays had, right before shown had any a three, I am twelve sixty, the answer, billing arms Doug on the the new was the best is growing slightly Second Amendment related issues, at bearing arms, we believe in a pre-existing an alien of all right so the, that comes with duties the master and you start and finish issues than responsible Matt, longtime done blowout Byron education with it and rightful instructor Pablo, brings tremendous not read ability to the right, unfiltered by mainstream media pressure, lot load and learn, had bearing on, oh pairing arms dot com, this is the Mike Gallagher show, these your total information so, or the money Gallagher's show, this is happening, you could put half of Trump supporters it and what I call the basket of the floor of I guess we're all the more almost, we gave you connected to the headlines like no one else it's just awfully good that someone with that, minute Donald Trump does not in charge and the loss in our country because you the injury, second takeaway, and, Gallagher, , this simply quote Collie, who makes a lot of sense Larry O Connor, is a radio host out of Washington D.C. is on W MHL, he has worked with bright part of course he's on Fox news a lot. And he users smart and as bright, a voice in America as I noted day and I want you to hear what he writes, this is so very important listen to what he said users you can't read these classified emails from Hillary but, her made did, Larry O Connor points out that it's one thing to recklessly miss handle classified information on an on authorize non secured non-governmental server, it's another to deliberately put that information into the hands of someone it doesn't even come close to having proper Clarence New York posters reporting a story that should resonate with every American concern with the apparent Cavalier attitude, Shepard Jerry of straight Hillary Clinton owner staff talk when handling stage secrets via email how Cavalier was the woman wants to be president, of the United States, main Maria, Marino shot atrocious, what was made, who was routinely directed the pro now her email so the former secretary stay could read them via hard copy rather than the electronic device in fact Marino some joe's was called on so frequently to receive emails, he may hold the sugar street you Mel gate, if only be happy I'm Congress would supreme her and the equipment she use, put him trusted far more than the care of or do you see residents known as white haven distancia, she expected the Filipino immigrant, to handle straight secrets, further open in the Democratic Presidential nominated criticism but she played fast and lose would national security put would receive. Hi leash opposite of email from top age of the state department then request the Bay in turn for the messages in any of cash documents just five atrocious to per now for hurt the home, among other things quick requested shot goes spread out draft a bridge huge huge confidential memo John Cole sheets, background information talking points prepared for the Secretary of State, it's not name and mad name to realize there's Larry put sympathy Filipino housekeeper, appears job access, to the highly assured cure, and he yeah for him as it's known sensitive compartmentalize information facility that had been specially prepared of secretary Clinton's New York home, so that so I'm joe's could access the highest level top secret information, about fear a foreign hackers, , he's revelation these revelations, make F.B._I director Jim Kobe's last minute clean bill of legal health delivered the Clinton, late yesterday, even bat more maddening and confusing, the entire promise OAK always decision to not recommend charges against Clinton him we thought his assessment there was no clear intend to miss handle classified material shot aside the fact that the last receiver we dictates that intent, here's your relevant to the question of mishandling sensitive material, how cleared is intent need to be with there are emails specifically directed to a person without us until of appropriate clearance to print handle and collect government documents the now are so sensitive they must be rid Dak good from the general public, so you can't read these emails. But Hillary's made did, great work by Larry O Connor, you put a mission perspective man we need perspective today on the eve of the election and it is, going to be, one of the biggest events, of the decade, if not, the century, so I bet, Supreme Court gonna be affected for thirty forty years, if Hillary Clinton wins tomorrow, but I'm not why do you, I'm not gonna wanna come to work Wednesday, I'm not gonna I don't know how we're going to we're going to sure but we well, but it's going to be like a funeral, and as you listen today in Florida and Ohio in North Carolina and Arizona, in Pennsylvania you, could hold, but ticket, to it shame, country, you could wind yeah, well will undoubtedly be, a gun grab, and attempt to take away, our second amendment rights you could reject the candidate who it was revealed dreams of open borders, you could protect the White House from the corruption of Hillary and Bill Clinton the thought of Bill Clinton role mean and prowling the Hall's, of the east and west Waynes of the White House, should be enough to turn your stomach, the thought of Hillary Clinton, win this election tomorrow, is almost too much to bear, and I we are going to get through it if if that happens, when I prefer to continue to be optimistic, but the American people are going to reject the corruption, of Hillary Rodham Clinton once and for all but a lotta bad moments to share a lot of people who have made bad choices lotta people who have made terrible decisions. A lot of people who tried to project a lot of people who tried to attention paid a lot of people who tried to we'll wait right you know ride the wave, and try to figure out what that, let lick their finger and stick it in the air, and try to determine how the Windsor blown, and yet we know what's at stake, we know what's on the line tomorrow, we know what happens to the constitution of Hillary Clinton wins, we know what happens to life, and there's a one candidate where the middle of a tour sitting today in Orlando last night in Tampa and we just had some wonderful events, in the Salem radio networks partnership of the great America pack, I've been with Larry elder, the stage of south-central share of David Clarkson on the Tour with us, just I'm amazing amazing people Jessie James Duff was a former got a resurgent, us Marine Corps, she's a firecrackers, last night we were it shirts in Tampa beautiful Church just good though the , I think it's called the river Church I believe in in Tampa, but the impressive pastor there are thousands of, Condra gets, and the issue of life kept resonating over and over last night, Hillary Clinton has defended and supported partial berth abortion, and you know if, you, definition of hope, I don't know what what other word to use to describe late term abortion, and Hillary Clinton doesn't believe in stopping that that's just a fact you can say welcomed happen all that often and what happens. And this is Clinton is OK with it, Donald Trump is not, oh come to pro life candidate, frankly it would seem to me that if you call yourself a conservative a Republican earn independent or even a Democrat who believes in the in the sanctity of life how in gods name literally in gods they, but you fail to support, the pro life presidential candidate hasn't been a tough call for me, hasn't been a tough call in any way shape or form, Donald Trump is the only answer, so what this country, needs to do, and we got a lot to do this hour eight hundred six five five Mike is our number eight hundred six five five six four five three polls have tightened battleground states are up for grabs it's neck and that make sure over the influential poll stir from five thirty eight says guess what Hillary is one state away from failing to be able to which, she the two hundred and seventy elector all vote she needs tomorrow night, one state away one State, but hang in the balance is it new nor is it you North Carolina, as you do Florida, is it you Arizona is you you Pennsylvania is it you know batter, wow what what a year or what a week what a day and I'm glad we're in this together on this election the two thousand and sixteen again sitting here in sunny Florida in the studios of AM six six the N.F.L. one oh five point five the answer our numbers eight hundred six five five Mike going to visit with general Mike when at the bottom of the hour but. 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Forget, let's get you a bunch of phone calls your twenty-two crash the our general might play it is going to join is a the bottom of the hour of course general Flynn, is the author of the field of fight how we can win the global war against radical Islam minutes rallies he served as the Director allies he served as the Director the defense intelligence agency from the two thousand and twelve two thousand fourteen and he of course is fighting hard for Donald Trump, general lieutenant general Michael flip the bottom of the hour, I'm not, you know I'm really been cutting the two, have, they Companion Shepard somebody like shared David Clark on this Tour, and he's you know you learn from other people one thing I've learned from him in the reaction last night to this F.B._I, bombshell like su called a bombshell is he says don't you can overreact everything that breaks every news cycle he has a quiet confidence the Milwaukee County Sheriff, who said you know what, the American people gonna make this decision tomorrow and I'm not sure this moves the needle one way or the other and he shut I wasn't overreacting back in July, I didn't overreact, nine heard eight or ten days ago when Colby said what he said, and I'm not going to overreact now, I'm going to have the confidence in the faith in the American people that they're going to get this right tomorrow and they're going to vote for Donald Trump and I like that message.