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What This Pet Store Is Doing For Rescue Animals Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Mike Murray of Pet Food Express talks about the store's yearly fundraiser to help pets that don't have a home for the holidays.

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"You know the reason I came to work there? Because of what they've done in the community and what they've done for the rescue animals."

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The main reason that I really, really, love you guys is for what you're doing for all the pets out there. I mean on your own time, aside from running a business. - You know the reason I came to work there? Because of what they've done in the community and what they've done for the rescue animals. - Nice, that's great. - I've done rescue work for over 20 years in the Bay area, and to me they were the people to go to. - So you, there's a fund raiser that we're in the middle of right now, yeah it's called Our Giving Tree fundraiser, it's every December,and what we do is we collect from our customers Kong toys. - Okay. - The reason Kong toys, it's one of the approved toys they can use in shelters, because it doesn't tear up, the animals can play with it, we collect treats and monetary donations. - Nice. - And last year I think we did over a hundred and seventy dollars in the month of December? - Wow, beautiful. - And that gets split up evenly between all the rescues and the shelters, and for people not knowing really what a toy does for an animal in a shelter, it's really an enrichment. - Yeah, it really is. - Even though they are treated well, they are stressed, they're in a new area, they're seeing new people, new smells, and just having a Kong toy to chew on for a while, it relaxes them, makes them calmer, makes them more approachable, more adoptable. - So can people go in to a Pet Food Express, one of your many locations, buy a Kong toy and just donate it that way? - Absolutely. And this year we're doing something a little differently, we're asking our customers if they want to come join us and take these Kongs and treats to the shelter. - Go to the shelter! Aw. Oh man, I gotta be honest, it just tears my heart up, but it's such a good thing. I mean, it's a good thing but yeah, at first when you realize that this dog doesn't have a home, yeah. - Because I want to go in there and take about four or five home. I've got a rescue dog, and I've got another dog, I would like to have five or six but I just can't in my current situation. - No I totally get it, but what we're hoping is people will see the need, see the animals that are in the shelter, and find some other ways they can help, whether it's fostering or volunteering in some other way, it makes a difference.