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Listen: "Another Buzzer beater win, as Wisconsin advances sixty-six to sixty-three over Xavier"

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Sam Greenwood
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Another Buzzer Beater winners was Coyotes advances sixty sixty sixty three over Xavier and sad Michael Jordan was replaced by sad Bill Murray are you saw them in the massive together where was both of the two said fellows from a space Jim photo everyone's going nuts with the means so where does that leave us with a record six ACC teams in the Sweet Sixteen I get here The Boston College back see I told you there were to all I want did this last nine one by what was ABC graduate made just look much better Ryan said her was nowhere Noah doesn't make you a good also or will be a winless in the conference's winless in the conference all one seed still alive in the Midwest you know wacky ten vs eleven Cedar Syracuse versus going saga thanks that show by Michigan State last week games start backup on Thursday we're going to have Joe Sullivan from a global it's what not to talk to preview those games and more by the way that Davis kid that could be a lottery pick out of Michigan State played fifteen minutes begins Middle Tennessee State including barely any during the second half so go ahead into a can do so in the lottery but was only one of The Kid that can be done so Valentine out for Player of the Year and that's it got body heal from Oklahoma yeah he was amazing in the second half for Oklahoma yesterday scored thirty-six I think twenty-nine came in the second half a mean that they thought they know Adams shut down and he just went off do it's great to watch aplomb just seeing if you're going to take in college kids freshman they make him a lottery pick and he's now play in the second half of a very close right but first round game against a team that you should be destroying I would think twice about taking him it maybe I'd encouraged him to go back to school for your of seasoning because that does not speak superstar doing and speaks to me that he's going to be about thirty before he gets his body under on throwing it back David Ortiz is really mad at someone else yup it's definitely the red socks pre season ended a major superstar who we all hate on the Chabot looks like might be getting suspended for something extremely extremely dumb there you have a tear the Headlines.