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Listen: "Being around a Major League Baseball camp this week, with a rebuilding team with the Atlanta Braves, today I felt old"

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Kevin C. Cox
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Back from a week in the Sunshine and the state of Florida should say from last Sunday to Friday night and I would give it is that I had one day without sunshine and it rains sideways and we still have Sun it poured sideways for a good portion of the day but still managed to come back and have media great great week there was something a ballot there there's sounds in sports and I think it's one of the number one thinks is that I was noticing the sounds this week there's cause I get older maybe start to appreciate minor little things more but B the sound of a ball all hitting a catcher's mitt the sound of a bat making contact with the ball there's just certain Sam Holmes about baseball but just sort put a smile on your face I get to a this and no time in my life ever felt old never goal feel old never feel old shouldn't feel I don't think you should feel older fifty one but you know if you're vibrant in your good shape and everything should feel but being around in Major League Baseball camp this week with a rebuilding team with the Atlanta Braves ty so you just you see be youngster she C the twenty year old's twenty one year old's twenty-two year-olds there are out there in the big league camp and they just look look like babies quite high school kids expect the bump into what the food court them all and these are guys playing professional sports right now try to make era way up but in sports it's about big youth movement for a lot of teams I think I noticed that this week proud franchise like the Braves saying you know what our Minor League system in November of twenty fourteen the Braves Minor League system ranked twenty ninth out of thirty teams baseball mark and in a year in one season and really parts of two offseasons they manage to take that to wear key flaw he s P.M. says their number one another ranking has the number three the prospects pouring in but that means you get Young and I think it's something that in baseball.