San Francisco Wine Competition

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So you're the director, compliance with Liberty tax service, , I never even thought about this but that but the question you guys sit there may be, , that you guys sought were interesting wise, , well banks another financial into shins have enough liquidity, three five millions of dollars for consuming I never knew that was a deal, it is an enormous amount of money just put it in perspective, last year the I arrested funded ninety four billion dollars not that be wary to twelve, ninety por billion dollars had been paid out the figure in the twelfth in many people get it checked from the I arrest, and they grabbed the Czech and they run down to check catcher to their local Bank and they they cash that Shaq or or do something with that Shaq in so, this year with many of those refund up the thirty million customers the repeat it last year, We'll be pushed back and so you're going to have all of that money coming into a smaller window of time, so one of the things that, and we want to make sure consumers are aware of if you've got and he, check in account, instead of do in a paper check from the I route, good him put your robbing the McCown number and have that money directly deposit in your Cal just that he'll take a risk, at that the plays that you get your check cash, well run out of money with a lot of people haven't checked in a condensed them out of time. I mean there's some all sounds like the old last you know the in all the all the Cowboys get paid a once in wonder and then it's a first one in line gets the money in the last runs got away is that, I mean that's a seems crazy in today's or, it does which is which is well recommend not to take a chance in you know one of the things that we recommend Michael is that you don't have a traditional bank account like there's probably millions, some that match up the nine million people without a traditional bank account, , Thomas we offer at Liberty is, a pre paid never Carter they can have that money directed potted onto a hard to they can go used it merchants at eight p.m. so that they don't have to take that you have, , that's interesting desire cost anything, there's there's no cause for the court it you wouldn't put it on that there are like with all up our product there, these guys on the goes along with that, but if you're line with with other up repaid epic hard to say, it's a fantastic option for the consumer that may not have a traditional bank account, yeah that's a big problem out there is a huge amount of people an banked, So if it's not too expensive off to take a look at your guys offering bed, assuming it's on expensive in a ten line with other. Cards that's fine with me, , is it a popular option, it's a very popular option especially with the with the time in the Czechs, on George you know a lot of that as a matter of fact , you know there's there's some of the early early-season products that allow you to get some money that big no charge to the consumer loaded on the that part if you qualify early, and so that's one of the items that we've done to help those, consumers that they'll have traditional access to, a traditional line a credit or resources to money, and we've made added no interest in the huge, they'll look as well this year, from Liberty Jack service for talking to Brian ass crossed, explain how that works what was your is just how I mean about so because are used to be a free forgetting yet, africa I'm trying to remember the exact what they caught that the government crack down on, , , it was all those so we've made a Lindor, what was pretty say that again, they're refund anticipation alone, right right and so now you guys are doing, part to say that again I'm sorry, or the other thing they referred to measures routes you'll hear that a lot of times in the in the Consumer groups, and so now you're offering that, with out, they, interest costs, that's right we've we decided that for our consumers because we get a whole of our consumers. And down that, many of and then they're refund with him weekend so that the lay can call serious trouble and then they spend it all things like grocery him around and and Bills current past dude, and to one of the things we knew we needed a product that would, with the help our customers and so we decided to eat the call, as a marketing expect our customers to pay that, call associated with it sure we offer to the Customer per no P, and no interest, and they can apply for up to thirteen hundred dollars but I don't help be that time period of refund have been the Layton you can get that even started today in over fifty offices there in the Bay Area, wow so what ideas I I I was reading the companies were thinking about doing that sided now you guys had moved ahead congratulations but since you thought up attacks forms in you're looking at the W to you guys feel pretty safe on it you know you're going to have a you don't have to wait for Jack you can do director positive, so you're you're signing of a few weeks potentially or or maybe just a few days are few hours but that way they can walk out of your office knowing our forms for failed and they've got their money is our correct, yes you'll would be, hurts, to separate transaction is right he didn't catch return this Pablo you along. That will still be go away by the our route, we get offer, and some additional help, to pick help protect cash flow indeed, I've been able to provide up to thirteen hundred dollars, , early within hours, on the filling up that application then they they could get that within hours, well, right now Trotz Liberty tax services check it out of that I work for you Bryant thank sufrir time I appreciate it, hey we appreciate it Michael any done, thank you That's got our phone banks now out a locks, where we have got a Barbora and Barber welcome McKay Julio in the Michael Bennett program, thank you for taking my Coke, , , , how do you had a carry supplement play early that went in good last year, it is, I started here to your, they're gonna premium with, and you know really Carson right, helmet, I held on its own, like twenty it's the first time in a couldn't get to the Hall of the holder, yeah, , I finally got here and I third, one hundred, good evidence from June, why only getting word had I think they figured concluding, in a word, it's a computer that's where you have turned out, , you are through the whole if he holders, , but even if you to on an eye for, very difficult, I ninety for you, for anyone got off to, why it's happening, well I think it's not the United pretty I'm not at all. Hours yourself with him fourth, you learn here, yeah, company for doing Yeah, minor already, I had make his that winner haven't, Barbara I'm so glad you called and told me here's one I'm going to do I'm going to play on hold and I want you to get your information of the Producer this program are star because I want to do more on this and I don't know what happened here that often when you're billing when you don't have a right to Bill you could be moving into illegal are at least similarly wrong , I wanna look into this and find out, I've been a victim of this myself not that company not that but being built because he had a glitch in their system they do Noah today so I don't build everybody, and not it though gets so let me play on a whole right now and it will come back, you're going to talk Lawrence trying to get that information Susan Enrichment Jennifer in San Jose I'll get to both you in just a couple of moments, I'm Michael Bennett coming up the Darkside of security Promotions, this is cagey yeah, you know any Teddy sure exclusive radio sponsor for the twenty seventeen San Francisco Chronicle wind competition Saturday February eighteenth from one thirty to for, at Festival Pavilion for me since featuring award winning wonders he's in line to the schedule is public taste for more than five thousand people, your wife using the throughout the Bay Area and the country tickets available mind judging dot com. 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What we want under Stan was, some of the negative side effects that that we have deserve on years , the shopping learned that already is like Black Friday or box again the like, okay so what did you five and I think a Black Friday I think of, you know the people camping out today's early and then back the sightseeing to trampa Leetch other when they run through the front doors, well I think the yeah that's what we want to try and understand I mean, you know this to be a lot of this violent them and all kind the greatest up the goes on with the you here to understanding of it, but the passer situation it with a lot of Brett but you know given that we're seeing this we're flux three product not, great deals on smartphone huge letting get you name it, we just have to be something else going on here and and I think the only, the way period might be a watches them off right I mean so you and I are in line workout, now with authority thought open I give you a little shy of you'd be shoved back in return of Reigns up we go crazy, but you know given that that continues to happen and with all the the public you've without either other factors that at player and he'll likely there are a number of soccer's but one of the one of the, one but we wanted to test was. It it possible that simply exposing you to, scarcely promotional I think the computer marketing caught up, it out enough to test there out he's, the speed of aggression such that you actually come into this situation, predisposed to regrets, yeah, well you know we got that yeah, yeah so we had the video on my television station A.B.C. seven this past Holiday, on the Walman snatching a brawl out of a little girls hey, on like one of the, the fact Friday regard, and pushing a little girl that now I mean it was like, truly amazing job, was this set up making her crazy in or what she just not a good person and I'm Bob situation, well I mean who wouldn't, I can't give you have complete date out because we hadn't test everything but what what we tested was, you know I can be, add start the process right but you come in the situation you're ready to go And and what we do Klein is that yeah, the ball exposure to, limited quantity ads so you know the want you to be you the main thing deal like fifty dollars for this type a T.V. but you know there are only five of them, right, and so we find is that they compare to that identical, promotions with no limit on quantity or no mention of quarter so we have to two different control conditions that we tested, that scarcity to didn't stop, you it more aggressive behavior and what we welcome granted a series of experiment to try and a demonstrated that can that happen and and be why like this happen and and what we Stone was that there are there to read and scored one a psychological in one it's his you're watching. In in the, to watch the last because when you when you're exposed to be it's, you person other consumers as competitive stress, you attaining miss sort of products so, that you know you where you can be limit a fist threat you know, similar to you would see it in a star rationed situation of the Doster stretch, would be to address right if if they're only a few, I'm in a limited you is a threat to be getting, but the other component that we want to cast was, there's a change the body right so interested you logical response eventually ran a studying which we measure testosterone level immediately after exposure to, the that one of them, want to be that, and we founded yeah it actually spike your testosterone now of course, that does it mean just get you higher testosterone the you're going to look rest but it's a pointer, but the just you know taken together, he may be that can start winding up stop and then when we get to the situation, the ball, do these add this, so if Select or Erste selected but customers at are more likely to be willing to put themselves in that, combative situation, so I do we, get based on what we did I I would say no to that and the really is, we we're randomly sample, a number of different group so we're Remy experiments, in multiple campus is on on differ University different countries be also random you know more general ice population which would suggest that you know there would be.