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Listen: "As we all know social media rules the world. The Chargers official snapchat page made a slight change"

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Sean M. Haffey
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And realtors together we make home happen nine seven seventy one hundred forty three over the way more genuine Alex relate and the Chargers are in San Diego at least this morning not the we Russia we know we have no idea you know it seems the moved in a lady is inevitable for the Chargers and while they continue their secret meetings with the Rams the had showed a deal in eagle would they Chargers may have tipped off their fans on social media but they will indeed be packing up in become Angel we knows as we all know social media rules the world the Chargers official snapped shot page made a slight change to its profile logo they remove the San Diego name end bowl logo from their snapped chat low Bell its Gold snapped gold folks so speculation ran rapid on Twitter in the person who alter did said it will cleaner and it was the team's primary logo free years and has nothing to do with what is going on you know right meanwhile the Raiders is still pretty much homeless in the push for a move to San Antonio still very much on the table but one man in Fresno is doing only kinda preventive from happening his name is lane blue he's a die hard greater fan he actually has fly yields with the trademark rides to the name San Antonio Raiders no joke blue says I figure if I took over the name the San Antonio Raiders I could force them to stay in Oakland inequality US patent and trademark office most review the request before grants blew the rights to the name we're still eleven days away from Superbowl 50 It Levi Stadium in Santa Clara it's also likely it's the last eleven days Peyton Manning low even prepare for a football game in the National Football League they video Manning and Della check hugging after they and see title game actually picked up they you know of their brief conversation it's gone viral Binney told belly chick quote this might be my last road he'll be sure has been a pleasure in Quo well if it is Manning could go out a very rich man Manning already racked up two million dollar boat is for winning me AFC title game he wins the Superbowl gets another to build Manning already makes nearly one million a week during the season and more than two hundred and seventy five million over his career over in honor country should Delhi's coaching staff now completely finally asparagus defensive coordinator and nine offense Tony breakfast right now you're gonna lose it Jim O Neal yeah that guy from Cleveland the Cleveland Browns de coordinator who was fired would like Penn was acts is now the DC even owners O'Neill in Cleveland ranks one eighty seven being total de Vince last year yeah finally is LeBron James really a coach killer Tony says yes yes suppose still resurfacing from are you ready for this Israeli sports talk show yeah all the way in Israel talking about David let's firing had the Miami heat's minority owner rain on cats Aun he says low bronze right again Eric's Bulls real flyer twice when he was with Miami also says.