Listen: "Will The Warriors lose a home game this season"

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Ezra Shaw
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KNBR poll question number there's always a poll question presented By h e b te dot com over four thousand vehicles all no-brainer price you happy here is a question will The Warriors lose a home game this season yes late part of the schedule which is pretty much where we are right now and the grind of the season means that they will drop one no is your other option this team is going to make still read some maybe personally I don't think they're going to lose a game I think the most interesting gave the rest of the year is April seventh against the Spurs because what is Gregg Popovich just about to say Domi who plays for the center turnaround or yeah that's that that's the la I don't know although our run Artis Gilmore out there I don't think you're going to is that we're about the what about the idea that that I think Mark kind of mentioned that you know they do want that home court undefeated record disperse so if there are undefeated at home I'd be surprised if you don't get a pretty full complement you know assuming no one's actually hurt when The Warriors are in San Antonio wonder steered maybe not yeah and I will lose game out I think BP if they think about the home games watching Tim Boston Portland Minnesota San Antonio Memphis Minnesota Memphis The Warriors are too good those other four games Washington Boston Portland in San Antonio you role on a Laker effort you will lose you know that Smith and The Warriors have not not go whatever they have not played and get home like worth like well as they're shooting thirty-five percent what about the Brooklyn game well know that's the closest that's the closest but I would say that Laker gave it all step a claim one of eighteen on threes that I mean that had one of those games really of home and if you do that against Washington Boston Portis Bertschy will lose that game so I'm not worried by any stretch seventy-three I don't know about yeah that would lose in at home but to see him because both over the summer obviously the players want to go for seventy three but you might have to compromise something and I wanna talk about with the compromise after all we'll be or what I think it and I want to talk about this tweet this someone asked us if we had discussed a particular quote from a member of The Warriors we can do that after the Brewers well at one hundred multiple ts Scott but that but The City national bank that this is the technology reported Scotty to say of it.