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Listen: "A lot of those Republicans are in place NOT because they were actually elected"

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Mark Wilson
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That's what I kind of figured that the speaks with and what about what the Border suppression votto right geared enough the Republican they're doing now to try to get this election this year like I said and I think it another lib Oakland a Democrat am a Democrat is kind of Marc Staal for not Voting in those years and allowing all these other Senator on with Manning governors to be elected into the Republican State in part alive a lot of those selections though are nest so either Andy and you're doing a great job by the way graduation tonight and on your first gone on a lot of those a lot of those Republicans are in place not because they were actually elected by the people but because voter suppression chain and Jerry mentoring changed the dynamics of the election such a way that they basically you know game to the system so it all that but obstruction and no most of the Republicans always offered we did against President Obama and we are where we are now I know that you're running claimed him or the shock yeah down you know it on the country and went on in The Black Eyed that's that's the slightly official slugging public and party for now so well stat very well thank you for the call thanks to watch interested we will be right back in tennis.