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Listen: "There are some names on the football jerseys that I just noted"

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Harry How
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What's more disturbing is the name tomahawk what's going out of that well Tom it might but it's the kid's names these the eight time on hockey there are some names on the football jerseys that I just noted the thing like an old eighty Murphy skit from Saturday Night Live the names lots of apostrophe is a names today lots of names that are just mashed up together to make new names the Packers a Clinton Dix announced cam Cam cam Carr Shan direct I don't understand this play it in people's Bournemouth names is that it is so when John Roberts and girls Michael Michaels on my favorite names that in his first name is Michael thank you our games of Michael they are game to the found the some battle James look we all have traditional names Laura traditional night and this could then there's push to have these weird names that I'm not gonna get off on that tainted because of that Ben and that tangible for bat then the names are just it out harm on a five role on that Anaheim on a Frye all I can say the names cam Chandra Cruz that Cam Carson hundred he was summed it's some football players any can fit on the back of the Willie Colin uni was baby Northwest or something not a North last or something I don't now some direction I'm name is Big Apple and that's a mauled on outs right now going for pieces of fun pockets Tama Tomahawk I think that after African Americans are now going to be getting the native Americans upset with the palm on thing can do that at all so the old names there and I even if the changes named I like to the change in excess really offensive event up yeah I would say this that when we're looking for when we're looking for her individual Allen eighty through the process of making up to our own seems like just.