The WWII Navy Vet Who Was First To Tear Down A Japanese Flag In Okinawa

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that first daily lots of their and was a little house about who've fifty urge around two years away their footage of these slates. So the through this one affair in in first week golden through the conflict recent in this it's like when they say though is that the flag pole down its was thankful we have people to the polls told them, We took dislike down for American flag up the flag pole backup and the house was there we didn't know at the time that the on the roof shooting in favor people so eventually, as we head to American flag of when affair with Copenhagen age and the whole building and he was so, no you know he was there when you're taking the flank no killed who is in the last thing to to fly down a you for deciding and focused. Markets for them if I got when they get back on the shift for days later this thank you and they get a whole went for the trees are just in the daughter was going to is just for four five years has been about ten years ago and she's in this thinks which is saying again ice over it's a political stuff like full an open oh and so, live to through away in the statistics like no and I imagine there were a few American service that where they were Navy like you are army every answer or even army their quarter that ended the final can now is that was a a longer on the battle over a lot of territory. Probably quite a few of them that and upbringing a flag of Sometime back to my guess is yours might be the first one could it one of grabbed the flags on the third hour that for you get and you on the street to get them I couldn't of because it was tired of the pool yes but so there was refuse there is only one flak right so you got the thing I just and timeline was because this is the first day of the battle, you're in there early on your probably the first American to take the Japanese flag on the go. Like he would you with a and the reason it stargazers yeah over no was army this photographers soso you give is part of the Joel Rose and also those Roosevelt was there to take it yeah, with and we'll talk more about that flag and how it's come back around and that the some other developments in recent history that was the significance of that for you to cut down this Japanese flag not just to take your for yourself but to put up in this place to stars and strategies, some the memory school by the Bank of this Lankan smoothies and say you might say it's our country and there was a long way to go battle who is you