Listen: "The Spurs stayed perfect at home"

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Christian Petersen
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Dot com for Gulf Coast will meet number one seed North Carolina on Thursday and RHP Waynes for Florida State South Carolina all high O State Florida washing finish great drop race show San Diego State and seeing merry band of the NBA with the Spurs State pervert at home San Antonio Spurs he was bench points and they appear fifty-seven thirty you know what he was right regular season wins with the San Antonio Spurs bench Weiss is not in the fourth quarter his Bears This would going away finals with the eighteen at T Center Spurs one away clippers eighty-seven he only on Spurs radio elsewhere Pacers over Celtics one oh three ninety-eight Magic won sixteen Nuggets one ten Kings one of six Lakers navigate the Raptors turned aside the Bucs one oh seventy-nine the Nets over the Sixers one thirty-one one fourteen.