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Listen: Amy the thing that's the most impressive is is there will

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Dot com or spending some time with Joe clad Condon after having gone from Elway an I believe the college football analyst on Fox Sports and they've been doing a lot of studying getting ready to these games or have we get some of the cliff notes here let's talk about Michigan State in its journey to the playoffs to this point what is impressed you about the way the Spartans has gotten Blair through the big ten championship toe land now in the top four I think permission say Amy the thing that's the most impressive is is there will they just they will themselves the victory they pulled themselves and bring in a being a pre in the power in college football it's not a classy program they don't have a flash coach now have a flash she recruiting slogan are often They just go out and get a done I think it's it's one of the great stories that we've got going and what Marc Antonio has built their in these Lansing it's it's a wonderful team they they are so traditional physical and what they do but one house covering the offer that Big Ten championship game like and say this is that they believe they could beat anybody This is not a program the belief he underdog they relished being me under God dog but that doesn't mean that they believe that they are and that's in important different they think they could beat anybody that's what allowed them to in the twenty-four game on stay winning streak ended up twenty-three game all game on state winning streak they absolutely believe the they're gonna beat Alabama There's no doubt in my mind they believe that there's no doubt in my mind that they think they go out there and stop there kind right when you go back to the Stanford game in the Rose Bowl It played 10 excuse me six Top 10 a team since that an in those sixteen immediate help those opponents under 100 yards rushing on average ninety-six yards per game an the that run beef and there's gonna be tested against their can ring that they put up one of those of efforts and all Derek and Ray and their level the when this in my final and find themselves in a national championship what else does Michigan State have to do to be considered among the elite in college football Joel they got to the last three Big Ten championships plus they've rattled off several 11 win seasons in a row now a couple of different answers on a given year one is it's hard to be considered a blue line program when you're never gonna be considered supreme the program in your own state Auburn fights that in now them a mission they fight that would Michigan regardless of the success regardless of the Auburn won a national championship are not regardless of the mission stays that 11 wins were you know threw for five years in a row it matters that Michigan in Alabama all those states from a perception standpoint so they're gonna oh no state former recruiting standpoint when you recruit well-liked Alabama and Michigan does you're generally gonna be thought of as they better program and the more Blue Club program then there's also this and I think that this speaks more duh the Michigan State and it goes back to an old Michigan coach which is actually a distant mentioning Side Bar here but i cut my teeth the player under Gary barn that you learn from Bill McCartney's you learn from pollution back where they were Michigan coach and they all started their their season speaking their team the same way they would do with three things they would say we have herself three questions who are we were we going and how are we gonna get there and too many times so it's in my belief that Lee teams for did the focus on number one and they only focus on number two and three and they're they're result oriented rather than they are defying himself and knowing who they are how many times do we see programs and administrations are head coaches all they do is talk about what other teams.