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Listen: "If the Minnesota Timberwolves want to draft an eighteen year old kid"

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Let someone else Nimmo but someone else is nine subir is on the court but that's the market sources said that the owners to write teen straight Ray Rice only that's one In the end writing reported by pouring so there shouldn't be a role they sit just be reported the Minnesota Timberwolves one or direct it with your skate and let him right on it was that he can do that because the Minnesota Timberwolves do not out the rate by themselves on their own there are part of the and be eight needed teams operate as one unit it's not like McDonald's W deber can OK Minnesota wants to be Denver but without Minnesota in business Denver is not a business they need each other to survive run call million next week with of more about it I love that conversation because it's not independent of each other the each team needs the other teams to be successful business wise for the league to survive talked to shoot Cavaliers basketball but first the latest sports update with John fast <silence> <silence> it's flared on the Warriors had no trouble bouncing back from Friday's thirty two point boss in Portland as they held on for a one fifteen one twelve win over the Clippers last night Klay Thompson poured in thirty two Steph Curry and twenty three and dream on Green added his eleventh triple double the year eighteen points eleven boards ten assists he won their second in a row with without blame Wade and Chris Bosh they dropped the route Wizards one fourteen ninety four for the Knicks got thirty in eleven from Carmelo Anthony and won all three ninety five win over the team rules and the Bucs' top of a hard one seventeen one o nine in double overtime unblemished are four five and nine of fourteen also knows this team has to improve our execution can be better in some situations including up in a game you know I think our guys for a lot effort really both teams had a lot of guys play well so it's a tough loss to more Barker led the way for Milwaukee with career highs of twenty points and thirteen rebounds Battle of interest State rivals goes to Indiana the twenty second right Hoosier snark off number seventeen Purdue seventy seven seventy three creating an dealing with pressure I was the key for Tom Creen we wanted to put pressure on the ball and when we did that we did a good job we created turnovers which is or which is which is rare to do against Purdue and we took care of the ball which is also rare to do against Purdue and those were key key key points in the game for us and Indiana forced thirteen turnovers while turning it over only four times themselves it takes.