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Listen: "Try to take Bernie Sanders a little more seriously"

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<silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> let's go right to what I am interested in your reaction to my decision to try to take Bernie Sanders a little more seriously than we have let's Let's go to phone calls and talk a little bit about what Bernie Sanders is all about will Starwood match how are you reunite I'm good I'm good you British under sport supporter i'm not but I just want to try to expand interview on I know I like the tax locate sure fearless talk about have put none of the Aegon hell I mean British energized said repeatedly we need to impose attacks on Wall Street to pay for everybody's college Jewish that some prot plausible used to you mentioned that some reasonable So I mean that's when you know but I know about the college su I mean like it would just but the product like any other products like him he just had that a little bit like what what he has shed specifically as I understand that is to pay for his proposal to make Pollock public College's and University University's to wishing for it even know that get you just go get getting education for free genders would tax Wall Street speculators he's got a one dollar infrastructure Bill he would make corporations pay taxes on profits shorten Off-Shore tax Ravens know the words his big things seems to be Wall Street Bankers are corrupt their evil they ought to be in jail but sinister not in jail let's just try to break their backs twenty actually and have decade paper everybody's college Jewish well I mean up a lot of the wall Suter computer straining stops they Gabbert signings you know and the trade millions and millions of says like I say when I've been trading either be moved Benson stocks whatever stock the effect that they time you can get onboard with that but I also say we're so much fun the fate of socks and they've gotten then and then Stark says seeing a lot got sold to get a stop while set on the but that's not what might backup basket hit a stop lost because he will sign us on then this shares playing on the new look problem is you don't you don't think that most of of Bernie's genders supporters who were filling the Reno's are talking about stop options in stock trades and pricing and all that that's not that that's your you're talking the language that isn't even in the in the in the neighborhood of what Pete most people understand and I'm not trying to show you short because this is an area used some very or you know educated about very articulate and and good for you but what what people want Liberty Chandra supporters Jima one here is Wall Street as got away with murder the people are Perry and playing their fair share let's figure out how to make people pay their fair share and I listen someone is going to stand up to that and every Republican candidate hats you know how about let's lower businesses to be profitable as successful for that they can continue to expand and hire people sure people have jobs and at an economic future that they can be proud of british Sanders is the antithesis of that Mitch appreciate the change eight hundred six five five.