Listen: "Incredible linebackers that can play alongside Mack"

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Brian Bahr
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To the ditch near San from Levi's to the ditch behind Levi's by that power play at home and on the ice a little bit but it's the Nets awarding tonight but Lionel mild what a difference how crazy is it that just a couple years ago the Forty Niners were about to go back-to-back in the Super Bowl trying to get back to the Super Bowl and The Raiders were eight flat out mess now The Raiders have their franchise quarterback they've got a damn good defensive linemen in Pouliot Matt it got an incredible receiver and Amari Cooper another just ripping off often sublime man against an incredible linebackers that can play alongside Mack another game the corners and it's just wow what a difference a few years thanks good school place to be got the words you get The Raiders yeah you know that's what is going on you know it's funny once again we're through we were just to kind a switch subjects we were talking about being in Oracle the feeling the viven just think in man second to none I'm just Arias it was changing changing that environment you know.