WWII Veteran Remembers First Encounter With Death

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Three Lions Harold Clements Keystone
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 in early nineteen forty two he was that to probably field in Alabama he's to learned about like from the army medical service, oh, a body, all right, something you don't forget, versus towards the one hundred seventy of general hospital and was promoted to second lieutenants late in the spring of nineteen forty four shipped out, their first stop assault have tonight which, you were in immigration wheeler, the first week of the a, or, will it was hard to imagine how meant to foster way up the hill. The ships and the, they moved in, as, all area, my first, apparently a by the time he landed in France Harold had been promoted to care for one of the most important parts of this new job was to teaches knows how to survive, oil , and those are, this was not, you should too, we can and still there are scenes from the battlefield person's will never forget, they are are going, and on the point leading, all right all right, this issue, i like to seize will continue after this, which ever ways we service on makes Carson trust with what you drive for the best our technicians to feel and touch me repairs tires. Change we can take care of you have broken Chevron what a place every cities as they can, things I tell your desk which break famous covered much, and of course precious jelly being chocolate flakes don't have time to make, early for the best choices just special visit risk is on the station, make sure he'll chased difference and eating better and stories to tell and just barely want or hospice of the west reserve content me I spent in the afternoon, he shared his members you talked about battles that plays and we had to labs most important we'll hear lost this was his providing being said. Characters and the results are up why on the web hospice you are, are you inaudibly discharged veteran of the armed forces of the