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Listen: "Her margin over Bernie Sanders in Missouri was just a quarter of a point"

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Andrew Burton
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So I took at least three of the find battleground Tuesday states including the winner take all state of Florida were Senator Marco Rubio dropped out of the running while it is not God's plan denied the president in Twenty Sixteen or are maybe ever and while today my campaign is suspended the fact that I've even come the start is evidence of how special America truly Ohio Governor John case sick clinched his first victory in his home state and he fouled we're going to go all the way to Cleveland and secure the Rapoport Democrat's Hilary Clinton won easily in Florida North Carolina and Ohio she eked out a victory in Illinois a where she was born and raised margin over Bernie Sanders in Missouri was just a quarter of a point Closer to secure the Democratic Party nomination and winning this summer now that India's can't get interesting in the Midwest but he was only able to repeat the upset victory he had over Clinton in Michigan last week Steve import noise CBS News Washington and the GOP race in Missouri as of This Morning is still too close to call some water District say California's wet winter now called into question in The for residence to continue to live honored extended drought emergency.