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Listen: "If you kind of have been that way for permission linked here investors are had nothing to do it"

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Taylor Weidman
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If you kind of have been that way for permission linked here investors are had nothing to do it how much presser getting or how much sales are doing doesn't that's something comes out to you and if you can go in and tell an interesting story and be talked about in you know bun senior kind three and you know cool podcast rate than the new generation a sense of social capital that like no one can stop you from doing and you don't need to wait for a check for investor to do that you just go do you that's all about you something with sales lot has to have like a killer idea and and when i said to them is like yeah okay that's cool you should sell nine of those but like first consult kind of them yeah like how do we do we go hey he's a really great and the guy was however sorting or not but you could've been selling them already right eventually you can it even literally the way we started the company was we made if i was site where you can five a product and we didn't know how would actually go and making yet it it was really cool pride that we did the fine and we said hey it's on pre sale can save money five now with this watching a couple months and he said a very confidently whether we got we're going to see what the what the take is on and see if people alike it or not no he's like a a watching this this real by a pre sale now and then we got you know a bunch orders not like yeah and they don't know him a million dollars overnight on that on that first thing but the ideal within okay we had a sense of allegation that he can one minus now and we can go and figure out how to do it and i think that's i mean curry's like there's ever when the kickstarter any of the sun is amazing like if you never validate when you do we had a time i try to have the sales like to let perfect get in the way of of pretty good play and would watch it watching how to make something good tries of sales and then you can talk with investors if you make in on.