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Was This The Best Ever Seinfeld Episode? 

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It yeah they made that one was with that one was like you know me middle of the list for the road the restaurant one because you know they they they don't like the way they dealt with bubble on that so no one on their list and it's one of the best episode ever and it would certainly i think be in the top five for me is the contest and the contests is the course the episode where the main character's bet that they can they can pulled off for master baiting well and whoever whoever can for the lawn they never used by the way they never used the word after beating the entire upset i'm so it so that's that's the the premises of it and it's if it's a beautifully constructed upset and it really is it really is a perfectly written episode and it's very very funny on many many level levels and it also contains one of the best kramer moments of all time one of the greatest critical moments of all time when he comes back into the after he leaves the repair three leaves the apartment comes back like a minute and a half later comes back with the money suele sitdown slabs on the table look i'm out.