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Listen: "Suppose he says my Vice President will be Jeb Bush"

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Chip Somodevilla
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Thanks for listening he's the evidence of that Michael president Obama says he is going to nominate somebody that is his job under the constitution that's perfectly appropriate I think that it's unfortunate that some conservatives a said No we don't want the president to nominate anybody supposed to nominate somebody but that doesn't mean that republicans have to proceed to hearings or two a vote for to anything Holmes regarding that nominate Michael now if President Obama nominates or in hatch whose share of the G to share a committee in one of the final conservative legal minds in the country sure confirm Senator hatch but iffy of points somebody who is not a straight construction as then the Republicans are completely correct to resist that appointment now why do I say that because there's an underlying issue here the reason this is such a big deal is because the court decides to much stuff Michael an adventure we days and played before shoe Hewitt and thirty AM five ninety the answer Bill Bennett is unsure trumps choice for Viva p will matter as Frozen picks which could very likely have missed eligible supposing says Moe vice president will be Jeb Bush my vice president we Mitch McConnell and I don't think their history dominating quality throw people say he's a bonus but it's morning in America with the morning to three right before a Chen and dominant five and a half five ninety the answer.