WWII Marine Recalls Landing On Iwo Jima: 'What The Hell Am I Doing Here?'

Harry Lloyd of the 5th Marine Division recalls the battle for Iwo Jima in February and March 1945.

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our mission list , our whole Regiment pushed, secure them, and Soler, we landed Closer tour, and of course are shooting write it up , well that was only five hundred some feeders stuff like that but they call of monster bouche, , after watching from his landing craft it was Harry's turned to hit the beach and he remembers his thoughts as below with The Browns, yeah but hello my doing Eric, the , , crazy, it just his tireless turf, his that's when I first notice hole, but what she net when they go by, the it's quite a No Hitter, but within minutes and squad suffered their first casualties, high School of, , in a machine guns, finished five of twenty plus for, quiet leader, I think there's only two of us, and the quiet leader, made it a crushed the Beach, but they had their orders take most rub option, the next, we made it over to the strain right flank, facing them, and that was her, mission wish turn, anchor there, right Plank, and , , does, so this, right off Sherwood this, just earlier, , I know lieutenant, piccolo Karen, if it was there, go to train of it, , an off I wonder if I get up but I did, in their they were so, his radio man, and thing, radio, an , the knows this, we were two they had to think, , the lone French, for the radios, , that was all return worry, what is it, he does it, love for what are the set on the math because there's the jabs Henschel Manning, black Carlson, and, they each won was kind, this feels a fire covered each other, analysis, quiet took three of its took disco those few hundred yards, but it was really sum, the lieutenant win, call up their destroyed hearing do months, of, a target and void, second shut it was right there, if it weren't for the good, , but still we lost a lot of guys, just getting into them,