Listen: "Would you spend the money on Brock Osweiler"

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Scott Cunningham
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On our G three would you spend the money on Brock Osweiler would you spend the money and Matt Ryan Fitzpatrick who knows three guys they do have experience than varying degrees of experience and think fast they're also different ages so what would you spend your money on four one-two draft and go the draft route but they your the Rams you're the Broncos if they can't get off twilight here the Texans you know Jeff you the Browns you're the Niners these are teams that don't have a clear-cut starting to beat and of course have different drafting position eight five five three one-two four two two seven or act they've already out with Scott would Justin in fan Francisco Justin even if there my question personal injury ours okay I was your question are you listening to the show I know I am I had a comment about your comment about sexual harassment done die with him as did have a strong of an opinion on the quarterback this year I'll go ahead of a Niners fan I know what they're doing but I'm I really learned what are they doing what I do at quarterback I think we're going to try to try to get Golen Cabernet good to get back to what he was are that you have a lot of potential and I think the right coach can get him back to where he was so that's what I'm hoping alright and Glenn grab and then will then be the backup I think I think that's what we're going to do I think it can get it back but you've just got to go to get.