Listen: "They have an eighty four to seventy eight lead over twenty first rank Iowa State"

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Tom Pennington
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Foxsports trending Hydro my Allen Hewitt elsewhere top rate Kansas has won forty one straight games right now the jailed starting to pull away a bit Devan eighty four the seventy eight lead over twenty first rank Iowa State with just fourteen seconds to go Perry Ellis with twenty-two points and seven rebounds and his final home game at K. you meanwhile Virginia Tech they're on their way to a huge upset over number seven Miami hokey is with a seventy one the fifty four lead in the second half Hurricanes lost means that North Carolina win if they beat do they were Christie aces the title for the Blue Devil Oregon as a fifty eight the fifty-three lead over USC early in the second senior gave York with thirty-two points for Arizona at their Molly whopping stand for earlier in the day wins for Texas and I'm a Kentucky means they share the FCC title and it will be the one seed in the conference tournament duda's enough will be without for the job and for the remainder of the season as he recovers from a broken foot I'm Kevin figures one it's in the mixing up in daily grind hi this is Dannell July this is Jay on the right path as well as wind Jack Jarrett there are some out to find out this one on your television go to foxsports dot com for details latest gentleman he's box boards Saturday with Steen hardly than Brady Steve Bartman before we get started the day here's your update rating cooking got this is what sort of it's not my soul right now man but he got hands you question there your sport store topics I'm really wasn't here for you Brandon here's the hard in Super Bowl Jay above the Green Bay Packers Brady love the guy however there but mejor coming alive with a guy go foxsports radio studio fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance visit guy go dot com for a free rate.