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Listen: "Let's start with his Peyton Manning story"

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This is a knows it <silence> <silence> CBS Sports Reno in a full season it's over but it's never over we get tall get a fell three in a sixty five easier and you guys you perfectly happy which admit it so let's keep talking about right now I'm join now by Aaron Wilson covers the NFL's for the Houston Chronicle let's start with his Peyton Manning story its twenty years old wide as he resurfaced to the level it has at this point in time I think it some ways in the backlash and he's a victim of shot people going after Cam Newton said that people are saying will wise head maybe you in the past and honestly I think it's racially motivated in some ways because he can sort of the big it's kind of a reverse racism thing in the Board of Trustees or don't treat me and you know as told saying intention I think due to the Bengals have you tell us and then you know him in that situation where I should have and I'm not exactly proud of that Molina my right the Chiefs history have don't long-term again we're talking about a waiver sometime entre minimize what if ever have been to build allegation Barnes back true but yeah I think that's going to do have long in some way and you know you people need as Cam Newton about a stolen laptop the left to replace the Healy Can I just think you know such is the son of the media yes they need to think about when they were a few nineteen twenty twenty one if they want to know what they did their young in their formative years is a promptly veteran tape that's my opinion on Peyton but this is ancient history I know mother Peyton in the and they may be I think he is a little too good to be true but I think this is unfair to one of laughter and lack of whether they can be this is full of the I would agree I think a lot of this is people get to racial angle there's something but to me and what it really comes down to the reason maybe people didn't Harbaugh on this was would pay inner or keep historical is talent to more than anything and to giving him for my example I'll point Jacoby bright Ryan Accused of rape the Colorado why didn't people keep harping on a three using using using used everything his name comes up these players ever this in within inning talent get you for given his country corrects will be trumps the quite a bit better thing about being a winner and having ability is you are up there will be more didn't carry than the few offset ten for Murphy often on top and if I'm Peyton Manning I'm not worried about this much I don't care continue our daily user or whatever he's if if it wasn't already real Dayton guys and they care and it before they with an is why and all those obligations about the A's th which had away with legal back when they realize you miss as he's not the only enough of playing the play tilt.