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Listen: "Russell Westbrook, seventeen points, sixteen assists, ten boards"

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Ronald Martinez
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And on your NBC Sports Radio looking menu he wanted out went home as The Warriors continued their quest for seventy-three wins with a win over the Pelicans on Monday night Steph Curry scored twenty-seven as The Warriors used a dominant third quarter throughout New Orleans won twenty-five to one oh seven elsewhere the Heat beat the Nuggets won twenty-four of one nineteen Chris Bosh was on the bench he was wearing a stupid was the first time he was at American Airlines Arena since been sidelined with that unspecified injury Russell Westbrook seventeen point sixteen assists ten boards first triple-double of the year on to beat the Trailblazers won twenty-eight to ninety-four elsewhere it was the Jazz over the Cavaliers ninety-four to eighty-five of all scoreboard heads NBC Sports Radio.