Cardinals Vs Panthers: Steve Mariucci's Superbowl Pick

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coverage begins at eleven PM eastern, why, thirty seven back to pass those Rogers, our force it, it's it's, and you know and and and other former return for touch by the Cardinals the fans put cherry on top for that to see right now it still wasn't chance that once even the end of Seacoast Carolina Panthers finally lost a game, yesterday Steve Mary Chinese usual Monday's with which spot joining me here on the rich eyes and show study what you choose right now to make our is our Carlotta making the Super Bowl, i'll just goes to which would you choose to make go on, can be, all the team too, right now is a great, but how much stock you put in moments of going to the polls we put so much time, in your best football coaches oh, well in December, your team, not to say that the marriage Michael pottery for medical game good morning joining me here on the rich arts and show what you think though it checks reasoning, for taking the call yesterday in overtime was what you think, one oh, you know you can, what, one, but what would you put the ball properties and that's well well what possibly worry is reasons for thinking